Insurance Information

Insurances I am in-network with

I accept these insurances

- TriCare West

- TriWest

- AmBetter

- United Health Care

- SilverSummit

EAP's (employee Assistance Program)



All HSA (Health Savings Account) & Flex-spending cards. 

For insurances that

I am out-of-network (OON)

If you have insurance, but I am not in-network with them, I will create a SuperBill for you. How this works is that you pay me at time of service, then I give you a paid invoice, you submit the invoice to your insurance and they may reimburse you for the services at whatever costs they feel is customary.

BCBS is an example of this: They reimburse you directly. 

* If you have one of these insurances, disregard the fees posted under the Services tab.