Internal Family systems, IFS
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Self Exploration Links - all resources are free

Personality - How do I use it?

Many of us spend a lot of time living according to external expectations. Do you know who you are? Do you know how and why you interact with others? Click on the green button above to take the Enneagram survey and discover personality.

Attachment Style - How do I attach to others?

Attachment theory is usually thought to only relate to a child/parent bond. Research shows that adults have an attachment style and bring it into their romantic relationships. Click on the green button above to discover your attachment style and what it means for you in your relationships.

LOVE - How do I give it, receive it?

Love is easy to fall into but difficult to do. One must know how they want to be loved and how to love another. Click on the green button above to take the Five Love Languages quiz to find out how you and your partner give and receive love.

Character and Values

Character and values are important words in our society. But do you know what your character is, do you know what values make you? Click on the green button above to learn what your character is and what values you value.

Vulnerability - Is it your power?

what does it mean to be vulnerable? So many of us think it is a sign of weakness. Click on the green button above to watch Brene` Brown define vulnerability.