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Therapeutic Approaches

Internal Family Systems - IFS

Finding the true you by healing all parts of you

IFS is an evidence-based therapeutic approach to therapy that focuses on the client getting into a more intimate relationship with self to heal past trauma and burdens that we tend to carry with us years after we experience them. Over years of "managing" hurts and trauma, our emotions and beliefs become calcified; IFS helps in chipping away at the calcification to reveal the most true you. This approach looks different than traditional talk therapy - it rejects diagnosing, includes meditations, and most prefer to have their eyes closed through most of session.

Expressive Arts
Finding your depths through the arts

Expressive art is a non-judgemental and creative way for a person to explore their thoughts and feelings. Art can help a person express parts of themselves that have been blocked by trauma or defense mechanisms. Art can access all parts of a person; it is both a cognitive and emotional experience.

Vulnerability Research
Accessing your inner courage to move through your days as your most authentic self 

In our culture, vulnerability has been a term associated with weakness. Vulnerability, as defined by Brené Brown, is the  experience of uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.  Once we are brave enough to belong to ourselves, own our story, fall down, and be fully seen by others, then we can move through our days authentically, and love with our whole hearts. 


Understanding the way you and others view the world

While we are all unique, we share common experiences. 

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal transformation. The Enneagram represents nine distinct ways in which one relates to the self, others, and the world. Each of the nine types represents a different pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting that arises from a deeper inner instinctual motivation. Understanding your type and the types of those you have relationships with, is a transforming experience in understanding yourself and how to have better relationships with others.

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