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  Therapy Offers Beautiful Possibilities

Counseling, Michigan, Nevada, International

Individual Therapy 50 minute sessions (double sessions available upon request) $40 per session

Individual Therapy

$110 per 50- minute,  $150 for 75-minute, $200 for 100- minute session

$150 per session for emergencies and/or in-home

Adults ages 18-100

* gifted children under the age of 18

Using strength-based therapies, expressive arts, & enneagram principles

Couples Therapy 60 minute sessions (double & triple sessions available upon request) $40 per session 1st visit - $60

Couples Therapy

$110 per 50- minute $150 for 75-minute, $200 for 100- minute session  

$150 per session for emergencies and/or in-home

Using Emotion-focused therapy and Gottman Method principles

Group Therapy

Daring Greatly™, Rising Strong™, and Gifts of Imperfections™ courses. These groups are based on the research of Brené Brown

Cost: $400-$500 dependent on number of participants. 

Grief Recovery Method 4 or 8-week program for those wanting to recover from the pain associated with relationships of loved one's passed or currently strained. 

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