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Daring Greatly™

Daring Greatly Workshop

Show up Be seen Live brave™

This workshop explores all the reasons we do not show up fully in our life, the reasons we do not allow others to fully see us.

Then it teaches you the practice of courage to do exactly that - show up as the beautiful, messy, magnificent, authentic you. 

This workshop is offered in a variety of ways:

8 week online experience

3/4 day retreat setting

customized for your established groups needs

(contact me for details on this)

In this workshop you will be invited to: 

Meet the fear that keeps you from showing up fully in your life

Explore arenas of your life that need you to show up

Examine and clarify your values and boundaries

Get to know all the iron clad ways you have developed to protect you from feeling shame

Play with music anthems to support you

Experience and practice courage

Learn the practice of self compassion

Embrace all of you

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