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Workshop & Retreats

Hurt occurs in relationship and hurt is healed in relationship.

 Group work offers profound healing through the energy of shared humanity.

Daring Greatly™

Are there parts of you hidden because of what others might think? What is the thing you would do if no one was looking? 

This workshop is an invitation to your authentic self.

Rising Strong™

Are you ashamed of  your story, the events that shaped who you are? So many of us wish for a different story. This workshop provides the safe container for you to own your story, and then the space to become the author of your story moving forward. 

The Gift of Imperfection™

This group is being renovated at the time. 

Practicing Authenticity 
& Conflict

PAC groups are for women who have been conditioned to accommodate others and haven't been allowed to show up, or even discover their authenticity 

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What my clients are saying

 "Christie has been a guiding light in the hardest times of my life. She has helped me in so many ways, therapeutically and professionally. She creates such a warm space to process everything I was going through and has helped me realize my full potential."

Jonathan Wotell

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